He Has Come to His People and Set Them Free… ( Canticle Of Zachariah 1 of 6)

” Blessed Be the Lord The God of Israel He has come to his people  and set them free.  He has raised up for us a mighty Savior Born of the house of His servant David”

Of course we  know through the Gospel of Matthew that Jesus came from the Lineage of the House of David.  THis part of the Canticle shows Zachariah already knows that Jesus is the Christ at this age.  Being a Priest he knew well the things that were already going to unfold within his lifetime and the job of both his first born son, AND that Jesus was present were the cause of overwhelming joy !

The First part of this section says that God has ” come to his people and set them free!”   Of course, at this point Zachariah is speaking of the exodus from slavery in Egypt.  This comes BEFORE the line where he says that God Raised up a savior from the house of David.   It does however give us pause to consider that since Zachariah already had knowledge of Jesus , if there was not a double meaning in this line..   Not only that God had set his people free from the slavery of Pharaoh , but that God had yet AGAIN entered into the world to save us yet again !

Let us ponder for a little while on the subject of  freedom.  This line in the canticle talks about the point at which God came and freed the Israelites  from slavery in Egypt.  What then is freedom ? and How do we use it  ? How has God delivered us from our own slavery ?  What are we still slave to ?

God created man and gave him free will.  Why ?  We were created with free will for our own benefit.  So that man would have the ability, or the capacity, to seek out God, reasoning out the path to our Creator. This process of finding and developing a relationship with God is what brings meaning to all  the points in life both in joy and sorrow.   Now, consider this for a moment.  Freedom  always comes with rules.  Freedom is freedom to do , to think, to say things. as long as it does no injure  “another”.  God gave us rules , boundaries.  We still have free will.    God used Moses to free the slaves.  Slaves were usually conquered nations as a result of war and their off spring were also slaves or as a result of some debt that was left unpaid.

Many times we have heard people say ” God made man.. Man made slaves” .  God gave man free will and man used that gift that was intended as a gift to enslave. not only himself, but his brothers and sisters.  God, however, always intended for us to be free.  Today HE still frees slaves.  Whether it is from oppressive governments, or from the slavery of addictions.  In every part of slavery however, man still has free will, along with the ability to seek and praise God even in the harshest of circumstances.  Consider those points in your own life where the circumstances were difficult, or seemed even unbearable.   IF you seek to see God’s Hand, you will be able to see how He guided you through your own Exodus.

Lastly, consider what it is that still holds you in slavery?  The slavery we had or are experiencing may initially be viewed as our doing , or initiated by the actions of another, and a physical slavery may also be caused by the actions of another.  However, with the gift of free will, we can still be free.  The slaves of Egypt were basically no different that those who were imprisoned in concentration camps in World War II.  Their slavery caused by others, but their were people of faith, people of free will who found ways to still seek and join with God.

Most however, have suffered from a different form of slavery.  A slavery to sin, addiction, and vices.  The hardest thing is that we allowed ourselves to get to that point.  We chose to do what ever it is .  It was easy or it felt good , maybe our own sin is what caused hardship for others, so that we benefited or profited.

In the end run, each person has free will and chooses .  We pray that everyone chooses to seek God in all circumstances and chooses to remain free from the slavery to sin, regardless of what the circumstances of their lives are.  If you truly seek God, he will lead you to freedom again, and again.   Ad Majoram Gloria Dei


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