For Love of the House of the Lord !

Psalms 122 – For the Peace of  Jerusalem Pray : Peace be to your homes,  May Peace Reign in your walls,  In your Palaces, Peace”.  For Love of my Brethren and Friends , I say Peace  upon you !.  For Love of the House of the Lord , I will ask for your good.,,


In Rio de Janeiro Pope Francis encouraged the youth of our world to get out there and talk about their faith, to break through those politeness points of Society where you don’t talk about matters of Faith.  Far to long has the voice of Christendom been silent !   Why ?  Because entering the conversation with our families and friends causes us to learn.     We do However, also need to enter into education .  Learn, Study, READ !   Ask questions of your elders , Pastors, or others in your faith community. Not everyone has the answers, be respectful,   The people who do not have the answers will probably tell you something like  ” I don’t know the answer, but give me some time to look it up.. or I will get back to you on that !”….  Then give them the time to find your answer and get back to you.  In the meantime,  study and ask more people and get answers. 

In the course of your dialogue, begin with the idea or premise that there needs to be reason in the discourse.  Do make the conversation about facts, things, not people.  You can talk about yourself in what you think or believe, or differing parts of your faith  they may not either understand or believe differing parts of your faith.  It is important to find a middle ground from which to start your dialogue.  Things you can agree on and work from there.

Don’t be so invested in being victorious in your discourse that you fail to leave room for the other person to continue the discussion, to consider what is said, and be able to return to the discussion.    This is sometimes the hardest part !   Particularly when the other person has not been able to make the debate, into a dialogue or is more vested in being right  than creating understanding.


In this passage is a prayer for peace… For a people, for friends and family.  The last part of this passage is important ” for the Love of the House of the Lord, I will ask for your good !”  Echoing the Lords command to love your enemies, to pray for those who hate us.  The inverse is also true,  it is hard to pray for someone when we are also busy hating them.   The process of praying for another person If we truly pray for their good the process of praying will cause a change in how we view not only the one we are praying for,  but for the rest of our brothers and sisters, AND then causes us to look inside at our own person spiritual failings, beliefs, thoughts and ideas… In short , praying for those who hate us, makes us better Christians, better servants, better people !


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