Put On The New Man…

  • Ephesians 4:23 – ” Your inmost being must be renewed, and you must put on the new man !” –

In the course of our lives, we have gone through trials.. all of us have.  In the course of these trials  we look for meaning, Inspiration, and direction.  Old war vets will tell you.. ” There are no Atheists in the foxhole”.. Then on the other side of these trials you experience is the calm and you have the chance to look back at what happened.  This is what we term ” The window of conversion”.  It is that point where we realize that God had His hand in the process and our hearts open


These trials change us at our core, and make us think and make us ask questions  and seek answers for those questions.  Sometimes there are no answers for our own questions that make sense to us     Often, it is not because there is no answer, but because we are not ready for the answer.   Like a child who must do homework.  It is not so much the work, but the work then translates into other behaviors that are beneficial later in life.  The Child does not know or really understand this until he goes through that process and can look back and see and then puts that into practice.


In the same way after we have come through our trial and have gone through a conversion of heart and your faith has been renewed, it is then that you need to ” Put on the new man”.    Does this mean that you need to go stand on the street corner and preach at the people ?  No… What it does mean is that you should take some time off and do a little personal inventory of your life.  Where you are…. with life in general.. and see where you are, and where you need to make changes.  Then, go make a plan and finally go do it.  Changes are a process. something that is a matter of daily work.  At the end of each day review what happened, where you triumphed and where you failed.  This is the point of a daily examination of conscience.  

This passage also speaks of what our experience should be.  Every time we go to Church, we go to get our spiritual batteries recharged so to speak.   We join in the Body of Christ.. we join in Word, in Spirit and in Truth.  We get to go and be filled with good things.  We receive Christ and share Christ with the body of faith.   This is however only the first half of the process.

The second half of the process, is that we then need to put on the new man.. by taking that Love.. that faith.. that Christ out into the world and share Him with all we meet.    Preaching at all times.. but when necessary using words.     The last part is that we need to take our brothers and sisters back with us when we return.  For those who are suffering…. Those who are hurt… those who man who could not stand to see Jesus coming, we need to carry them with us back to Church until they are whole and healed again.





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