Lens or Lamp ?

In the Gospel of Matthew 7:22  + – ” The Lamp of the body is the eye.  If your eye  is sound , your whole body will be filled with LIGHT.  But if your eye is bad, your whole body will be in darkness. How great will the darkness be  ! ”


It is interesting the choice of words in this parable.  The use of the word ” Lamp” of the body .   The LAMP is something that shines light outward, whereas a LENS is something that allows light IN and focuses that light .  So, vision is the result of light that is taken in and is reflected onto receptors of the eye and interpreted by the brain.  In this we wonder then how the eye is then a LAMP.


It is first through the eyes that we view the world.  Then we choose in the mind and in the heart what to see that which is evil or bad and that which is good or beauty.   A well formed heart and a well formed faith will allow you to see the beauty and good in all creation which is the we live in.  There truly is beauty in all of creation.   We have beautiful flowers , for instance, in the weeds that grow in our yards, or on the roadside.

Just as Saint Francis initially saw the leper, and was initially repulsed by the physical appearance, and was later able to see the beauty of the soul that lived within, so then we must sometimes look beyond what we initially see in order see truly what is true beauty.  

The Problem with this view is that we are, at this point still looking  inward… Taking in , making internal judgments,  and feeding what is within.     BUT this is only part of the lesson !     


We go to church, to recharge our spiritual batteries, to take in the Lord to the fullest extent possible, that is only the part of the process.  We must then take Jesus out into the world and share Him with all we meet.  It is a two part process and only by fulfilling both parts of that process do we get to the full realization of our spiritual lives. 

The same thing is true of the eyes as it needs to be both Lens to take in the beauty of all of creation, but we must also use the eyes as a lamp to see what needs to be done, discern how it needs to happen, and then to share that vision.   

Many have said that the eyes are the window to the soul.   In truth, the eyes can be the window to the soul, we should exercise the use of our eyes to see rightly, and to share that with all that we meet… for should not only be seers of beauty, but doers of the same beauty and to take part in sharing Christ with others.. For it is in this practice we will get in the practice of seeing God in all that we see and do !





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