Take Out Your Spiritual P. D. A. !!

One of the Gospel readings from this last week (John 20) , we find Mary at the empty tomb of Jesus , frantic and distraught, crying  because she believes that someone has taken the body of Jesus.   Jesus appears and calls to her, and in her despair she thinks he is the gardener.  She asks if he took Jesus and to let her have Him.  Jests speaks again and she then finally recognizes Him, calls  him “Rabuni” ( teacher) and then He tells her to stop holding on to Him and go tell the other disciples !

Problems have this certain way of clouding our vision.  They can, if we allow them to take over, and consume us.  Emotions and feelings come in, fear or despair, hopelessness sometimes to the point  that there appears to be no answer to the problem we face !  Either out of hopelessness we do nothing, and just hide from the issue , or we act out of desperation, fear, or frustration, which can be just as bad. 

In this Gospel reading the Lord is calling to Mary.  We can look at the problems in life in the same way, where each problem can be a call from God.  It can be a puzzle that can give us a lesson, or a view into what ever God has in mind for us.  God is always calling us, bringing us back to Himself.  And, just like this reading, sometimes he has to call more than once before we can recognize what is truly happening. 

There is no owners manual for your life , each life is different.  The point being there is no way for you to automatically know how to fix ALL of your life’s problems.  That is why you have your Spiritual PDA.   – Not the Personal Digital Assistant, but a process to figure out what to do . 

P.D. A. – Stands for Prayer – Discernment- Action.

Pray – Pray about what is going on in your life, constantly seeking whatever is  God’s will for you and the situation at hand.

Discernment –  The process of trying to figure it all out.  Read the Gospels !  There is a literal wealth of wisdom for daily life in them and they are like Gems with facets that show light to you, and reflect to you and in you differently  as your life revolves around them.  Take counsel and advise from those whom you trust who have experience with your problems, and who you know has a good spiritual foundation,  There may be a light with that advice you may not have considered as of yet. 

ACTION ! – Once you have completed your discernment  it is time to put a plan into action.    In the plan you have in place, be very sure that the plan you have made, include a way in which God will be glorified through your action, example, and/or testimony.

This is a cumulative process.  You pray at every stage.  You discern at every stage, and then in action, you still pray and you still discern to be sure you are on the right path.   

In the Gospel Jesus tells  Mary to stop holding onto Him- When it comes to the problems you face you should pray and be pro-active in solving those and then when you have dealt with the issue, and its over, PUT THE CROSS DOWN ! and like Mary,  go tell what God has done , Share your experience, and give God the glory through your example..  Be the channel of graces and blessings for others carrying their cross today !


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