The Child, in The Child of God ?

In 1 Peter 4:8,  we are given instructions to love intensely and be hospitable and not to complain AND to do what ever your gifts are to the glory of God.  Usually, whatever your particular gifts are they are usually part of your job.  You use your talents to earn your daily bread.

The problem exists when the passion becomes a problem… more succinctly , it is that either people or problems get in the way and that which is your passion becomes a pain !    The scenario usually goes something like this – ” I like what I do, and it would be great  – IF – ( insert some problem here ) and it usually for anyone who works for someone else.  Now you hate the job, or the circumstances of the job and that makes you less than happy..   BUT – We are supposed to be joyous ? Happy ? and zealous in our service in our service to the glory of God … with out complaining ?   

We have conflict within.. just like a child.  We don’t WANNA do those things that are no fun !  or the work , or the things that God may know is good for us , but we can not see or understand.

This does not mean you should stay in a bad situation – Not at all !  What it does mean is that we need to try to discern what God’s will is for us in the situation.  Try to see what it is that can be done that will be pleasing to God within the circumstance.  In some cases it will not be obvious until after it has passed.  In love and in service to our brothers and sisters, God will be glorified in the example of our service.

In life, there are places where each of us finds ourselves in the situation where we are in some difficulty.  Maybe it seems dismal, even depressing.  We look up to heaven and say ” OK , Lord, why ?…. Why am I here ?  Why am I in this situation ? …. I am miserable.. I am unhappy but I am sure that there is some reason I am in this situation ?….. SHOW ME WHAT YOU WANT !!!!!   I am trying to be a good servant, I am trying to do your will .. but I just DONT GET IT !! ”

In truth the question could be asked,  ” If I am unhappy… or if I am miserable, then what kind of testimony is that for the Lord ? Well, show me what to do !    And yet the answer is probably in the asking…   In my younger years, personal responsibility was drilled into my head.   The mantra was repeated often,  ” There are 5- P’s , and they are…. Prior Planning Prevents , Piss-Poor  Performance”.   

There are a multitude of applications but it can also be applied to our spiritual life as well.   God wants us to be happy.  In taking on this problem, you have to plan and set goals, then figure out a path and finally break that path down into manageable parts daily, weekly, or monthly.  But deal with today…  What can I do today.  This is how problems get fixed. and along the way give God the glory.  You complete your goals along the way and the example you give in working through the problem, and then completing the goal, that example is the testimony others will give and that blessing will continue.  Once you have worked through to complete that goal, or fixed the problem, make sure that you are a good steward of the blessings that you received along the way, or after that particular trial is over.. you can be the conduit of graces and blessings for others if you are open to being used !




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