Go Ahead, Make My Day !

” Search me O Lord and try me , test my soul and my heart for your mercy is before my eyes and I walk in your truth”. -Psalm 26-2.

     This is a pretty bold statement and seems almost challenging with a very certain confidence.  Would you stand before the Lord, of Hosts, and say to Him, ” Lord, I have it all together, go ahead, put me to what ever test you want because I have got it ” ?

In the course of our weekly walk, we spend time praising God for his goodness and even the trials we have to go through and we say “Thy will be done”.   Then there is Monday, and the trials and the crosses we carry return once again.  In the course of the week, maybe we grow tired.   We tie from carrying the crosses, and that which was the blessing of Sunday, is viewed as the cross of the week, and may not be the blessing again next Sunday.   

Each time we go through processes such as these, there is usually one of a couple of things that happen.  Either we you stand around and ask yourself ” Why me ?” or  maybe instead, you stop asking some of the questions.   There is a popular morning prayer that goes something like this : ”  Lord, I offer up this day.  I offer all the joys and triumphs, sorrows, trials, and suffering, in reparation for my own sin, and the sins of my fellow man”.     Maybe if you engage in such a prayer and you have a terrible day, maybe the next morning you might not want to say that prayer, fearing instead that you will have MORE crosses, and MORE trials, NONE of which you particularly want.  Maybe you skirt that particular prayer and by day 3 or day 4, you  just skip the prayer all together.      Maybe your life smooths out and you stop asking.

The wisdom that you seek is born of the efforts of first asking the questions, and then following through to seek the answers.  Even when the answers might not seem so pleasant at the outset.   The wisdom comes as a matter of experience.   Seeds are planted, and then we get stretched, through our trials, through our crosses, it is through the trials of living day to day that we grow in faith.  This is the internal part.

On the other side of those crosses and trials, the sign of  a faith that is growing in maturity, is when we can take those pains, those crosses, those trials, and turn the focus from within ourselves,  and share those crosses and trials with others who may be hurting, who may be struggling.  Maybe they are not struggling, maybe you take your experiences and share those stories as a matter of praise and thanksgiving for the blessing you received.

You might be going through a particular trial and you ask yourself why is this happening to me.  In truth I tell you, that the trial that you are undergoing may not even about you !   When your parent or coworker might have teased you and said ” I am sorry its not all about you… ”  It is the truth.   You may ask  yourself, Why does the Lord have me working here ?  or Why did the Lord let this happen to me ? … The answer to the question may be , that the reason you are in that place, or in that location, or in that situation, may not so much be about you, it might actually be that  you are there in order that you are an example to someone else, or that you meet someone and you may unwittingly become the vessel or conduit of a blessing for someone else !  

The funny part is, that even THAT , is cause for celebration in that if you allow it to be so, you also can find a blessing in that cross which you carry today.


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