Lights and Noise

    Many people go through life looking at the world as though they were driving at night in a brightly lit city street.

As you drive around, you hear lots of noise , and you can see what is ahead to a point, and some of what is around you.  You see the moon, and maybe a star or two against what seems to be a black night sky.

A disaster occurs, or an outage and all the noise and distractions are suddenly stripped away.  What you previously saw as  the black void of the night sky is suddenly illuminated and you can see the cloud patterns and the rest of the stars that were dimmer or obscured from view. You are now able to see the beauty of that which you previously saw as nothingness.

So it is with faith.  Before you believed, you went through the world blinded by the distractions of the world.  Your lights the survival of the day, the noises of daily life, the demands of the job or familyor even something you enjoy as a distraction from the res of your life can all be blended into the lights and noises.  There are glimpses that occur when our world stops and all the noises change or cease for a time.   

Through the eyes of faith the noise changes, and the lights dim to reveal the beauty we could not see before.  We can appreciate and begin a journey of thanksgiving we can see new lights and new sounds … The poor, the elderly, and the forgotten are no longer signs or labels but take on the reality of  a spirit.  They are not detached people but brothers and sisters, not bodies but indeed souls. They are no longer numbers  to deal with but part of the body, each with lights and noises of their own.

Having faith does not mean the lights and noises of our lives go away.  They creep in, and sometimes take over for a time, but we learn that we can control when to turn it off for a time. To look at our own lights and noises and realize they are only the distractions, the façade that hides the brightness and beauty hidden beyond what is seen with worldly eyes.


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