It All Started with TV Dinners….

I once had a teacher who proclaimed that the demise of our society began with the TV Dinner.


The reasoning is that because of the TV Dinner, families no longer ate together at the table.  Instead, they are in front of the television.  They no longer spoke, talking about the events of the day, or the important news of the day.  There was no longer the mental analysis and reasoning or even the debates that might ensue.   They instead turned inward and kept to themselves.


A meal which was prepared by loving hands, and had in some cases either been a work of art, or from a traditional recipe passed on in love from parent to child.  Instead it was replaced by the prefabricated meal.  Something used to free our time, to be used away from home engaged in work or meetings, or the like.


Children were educated both at school and at home once.  The education in life lessons were lost as the parents were no longer home, and by the time they returned were too tired to teach the lessons in how to cook, sew, fix things, carpentry, plumbing, home economics and the like.   These were all things taught at home and in the middle, we learned things about both our families and of life.


The TV Dinner was the beginning of the “Disposables”.

Not only did we no longer have to fix things but you could throw them away.  Throw away the plates, napkins and silverware.  Since we no longer had time at home, few people learned these lessons from their parents, and so came the disposable radios, and the other devices as people no longer knew how to fix things. 


Greed coupled with the lack of education brought the era of planned obsolescence , the age of  disposable everything.

The pace of things grew and then came the two income family where mothers could no longer stay at home to do the work of raising children and families. 

Now has come the era of  disposable LIFE.  The elderly, the children and those who are most vulnerable, disposed of and forgotten like those TV Dinners and lessons learned. 

Life is precious from inception to natural death.  If  we would only see each life as the imprint and indwelling of the Most High, we could not help but change the path that we are on.


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