Entering My Vineyard !

Entering My Vineyard…


I enter my vineyard of electronics and steel,

cold, mechanized and process driven.

Conflicted as I am between the gift and the challenge

It is both  The Blessing, and The Cross.


Driven both by the cultures need for success

and the promise of bringing You to this world within.

Take a deep breath,

and begin anew the challenge of this new day.. this gift.

Grant me the graces to be the vessel of your gift to others today.

The vineyard has other workers, whos wage needs are more than mine.


The mind cries that it is not fair..

Knowing well that the gift that I have been given is not theirs

nor theirs mine.

The gift I was given, chosen for me

The work, the interactions, the people, the circumstance

all tailored to my own growth, my walk, my need, Your will.


The other workers, some know not the joy.

For if they do not know you their toils are without purpose,

without lasting gain.

They work, they get their wages, but they see their lives are disposable, replaceable, lost.


I will walk this path, and trod daily in it,

Feeling the pull to become one with the vineyard

Then wonder if I should not have been a bricklayer instead.

The seed might not have been very well rooted and the plant trampled to make brick,

but I would not trade the gift given in love, as the vineyard was made for me,

and so I enter the vineyard, to give the gift I have.



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