A Sourdough Reflection…

Image  I confess that one of those hobbies I have is working in the kitchen.   Trying out new recipes and adapting them to suit myself.. and make them my own.    In particular, I love to bake bread.   All sorts of bread !  There is nothing that smells so good and fills the house with that freshly baked smell and just says “Home”…

As I was considering what culinary challenge I wanted to conquer next I thought to myself I have never made a sourdough.. I was told it was hard to do, and the articles and comments I heard from others say that is was harder to make than the other loafs.    But all in all I decided to give it a try and see how things went.

I found a recipe and began the process.  For those unfamiliar with sourdough bread, it is a bread that is made without commercial yeast.  There are yeasts in the air.. it is everywhere !   So every day you mix a little bit of flour and water.  That’s it.. just flour and water.  Then around about day 5,  all of a sudden, you begin to see bubbles in the mixture. !

That tells us that the yeast from the air has made its home in the flour and water mixture, and began to multiply !   By the end of the first week, the mixture is ready to be made into any number of different breads.

Now by this point your probably wondering why it is that I am talking about baking bread in this blog of Spiritual Reflections…. glad you asked. !

I had been sitting there after I had made the first couple of batches of sourdough, how very much making bread is much like our spiritual lives.    Consider this….   In  the process of our spiritual journey, we have to do the “legwork” of our spiritual growth.  We need to do our part.

While we are striving, learning, and growing in our journey,  God comes,  He plants seeds, he comes and works on us…. with us.. and if we continue to seek His will, then as we get to the conclusion of one journey, .. .We are stretched, like the bread is kneaded.   We also find a time of rest.  . Going away to a quiet place to rest and find peace, and our spirit rises .. much like the bread.  If we are open to it, we have learned and we can share what we have been given with others and be the bearer of the blessing to them.

At times in our journey we have challenges.. you may feel like you have hit a wall.  Much like the bread, you experience a bit of what bread bakers call, “punching down” or deflating of the bread that has risen.      How many have gone through the spiritual “high” only to be confronted by the world around them ?    Everyone !

Much like this experience, we develop, we grow, we mature in our spiritual growth, and if we trust, and are patient, we rise again !

Then in the end, just like the sourdough starter that we began with, the journey starts again.  time for the next challenge, time for the next lesson, time to be stretched again, to be the blessing yet again.

Pax et Bonum !


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