Last Supper Part II

Greeting Brothers and sisters .  May the Lord give you his peace!.

 Todays reading afterr the instiution of the Eucharist at the last supper Jesus was reclining at table and proceeds to tell the apostles one of them would betray him.    Then tells Judas to go quickly to do what he has planned for him to do.  At the end of the reading is where he tells Peter that he would deny him three times before the cocks crow.

 Some of the thing that are interesting about this.  In thjis reading is the first instance where we have a foreshadowing of things to come.  We find that Jesus maybe was beginning to feel a sense of separation from the Father.   Possibly in knowing what was going to transpire, he was experiencing the very human side of his nature.  Jesus will go and pray for these hours and this cup to pass from him, but ultimately we know that it wass given to the Father that his will was done.     

 In this instance was it possible that

Judas was not forgivable, where Peter was for denying Christ during the hours of his trial ?  Was Judas evil from the beginning or just evil from the point where he dipped his bread into the bowl with  Christ ?    We know Judas hung himself afterrward in grief over what he had done.  Of course it could be argued that Suicide is a mortal sin,.  Aside from that was he  able to receive mercy and forgivness from God  because of the act ?   

 Peter  who loved Jesus and knew who he was, and knew what would happen if he confessed that he knew Jesus and waas a disciple, denied knowing him in order to save his own life.  

 These questions are important to ponder as they have real and relaevent reflections in morder times.  For instance, In some parts of the world Christianity is illegal.  There are places where if you confess to being a Christian you could be killed.   Would you, if asked with the blade at your throat, confess your love if Jesus ? 

 In a society that is clearly against the Christian voice, will yours be raised ?  Do you hide your faith for fear of rejection or ridicule ?   

 This particular reading brings up the subject of Captiol punishment.

Christ was put to death not for committing a crime, and not by being found guilty of a crime, but purely for public opinion.    As a nation we have overcrowded prinsons, and so much so that we have to let other prisoners go in order to make room for the new ones.  Obiviously our method of corrections is flawed.

 Lastly, is there room in our hearts for forgiveness?  CCan we see those in our lives and in our communities who made mistakes,  and work on making themselves better people, can we forgive ?

 For those who have hurt us, are we willing to take the time and the chance at taking the first steps even though we werer the ones who were injured ?

 All in all the first law of God is to Love.   Take the time this Easter season to mend the fences,  and hurts and wounds, and have those hard talks , and then enter Easter in triumph because God has forgiven us and has risen after the battle with satan and so can we becauseof Him we have alrerady won.


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