Last Supper Part I

Good Day Brothers and Sisters.

May the Lord bless you with peace in your daily walk.

 This weekend we listened to the narrative of the Last Supper and the passion readings.    This week we are in the home stretch and the climax of Holy week.  So many things to be thankful for, so many things to contemplate.  The greatest part of this week is LOVE !   Love abounds and just pouring out from Jesus in every direction and being fully human and fully divine makes the love shown for us even so much more captivating.   Knowing what was waiting for Him he did everything he could do for us on earth.   He spent time giving and teaching us all the way to his very last breath !    Begging forgiveness from the Father for the sins of man.

 At the Last Supper he gave himself to us.  SO that he might be present to us always.   

 The giving of his body and blood he says ” This IS my body”… and “This IS my blood”  This is the divine gift of the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist celebrated in churches all over the world.   

 Sometimes in serving at Mass I see the faces of the people who do not have the light of awe in their eyes when they recieve communion.  Refelcting the lack of understanding of what is before them. 

 Take some time this Easter season to get back in touch with your faith !   Take the time to consider the things that you dont know or the areas that you would like to work on in your faith life.     LEARN about the faith that you profess and learn as much as you can, and finally use that knowledge to build on your relationship with God. 

 A final thought,.   Dont be afraid to learn new things.   you may find some new method of prayer, or scriptural meditation that you like.

The whole idea is to work on your relationship with God.   He will help, Have faith !


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