Lenten Journeys

Greettings Brothers and Sisters.,

May God be with you this day !

It is almost Palm Sunday !   What has your Lenten experience been like ?  What kind of preparations have you made ?  How are you feeling about life in general ?

There are times in our lives when the times that should be the happiest  are overshadowed by lifes interuptions, and sadnesses.   

It is true we have sadness and stress and interuptions in our day to day lives.  To some extent these are the little interuptions that can distract us from those things which are most important in our lives. 

We have a job, kids, car problems, scheduling conflicts, and sometimes if you are involved in serving others there might seem as though there is no time for oneself. 

Every one of these distractions or obligations can cause us to not find time for our own personal relationship with God.    Make no mistake about it, taking time out for the relationship you need with God is time consuming.  maybe it means you have to get up earlier, or go to bed later.  Maybe that means taking some time off from everything else you are doing in order to commit time to God. 

The Lenten journey should be a bookend to Christmas.  The same sort of build up, the same sort of warm fuzzies you get in your heart thinking of those you love and a time to make some extra efforts in getting things taken care of in your spiritual life.  

Lent is about preparing for the gifts of Easter.  Preparing room in your hearts for God.  Making room in your lives  and clearing out the junk of sin, making some repairs to the foundation of your spritual house.

But the preparation of Easter should not be dull or  burdensome.

It should be a joy  If its not then maybe its time to review some of why it is that Lent is present in our lives.   Aside from the human condition we should celeebrate the gift of life we have been given, The gift of brothers and sisters to love and care for.   The gift of those who came into our lives and shared those things with us.  

Find Joy in the normal, average day.  Take the time to appreciate all of creation or the gifts of someone else, or the gifts that were given to you.  

Part of becoming fully Christian is finding the fullness of the gfifts that you have been given.   It does not mean they have to be fully developed now, it means taking the time to work on them.  These are part of the deposit each of us are given, in Time Talent and Treasures.   Working on the gifts you have should also give you some appreciation of the work of others, and the struggles that they also endure in their day to day lives. Just remember to give thanks and gloriy to God for the gift and its bounty in the process.

May God bless you on your journey !


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