Prodigal Son Rides again…

Dear Brothers and SIsters,

Peace be with you  !

In the last week or so we revisteed the story of the Prodigal Son. I must confess it is one of my favorite parables because of the many facets it has.   Like so many scriptural reflection it has almost as many stories to tell as there are people to read it and listen to it.

This is particularly so during the easter season as it speaks to us of forgiveness.  

In this story the son who was so wayward, disrespectful and relentless , finds that in the light of truth, he was humbled.  Everyone makes mistakes.  the important thing is what you do about them that makes us what we are.   As he is humbled the son comes to the understanding that he has sinned against God and his father.    

He then comes to the conclusion that if he asks his father to forgive him and let him be a servant then his lot will be much better off.

In our own lives we sin, against each other and against God as well.   Once we come to a bit of humiliy we can realize our mistakes and ask for forgiveness too.  The fact that the son asks to be a servant,  shows us that God does not want mindless slaves., Jesus  made us his brothers and so to spite our sin, at our homecoming, Jesus will take us into his house, to join him at the eternal banquet. 

Now what about the otherr brother ?  The good brother who did everything he was asked.     Can we not see some part of ourselves in him as well ?    If we are good and find someone else has been able to move ahead of us.   Got the promotion we wanted, or the place we wanted to be ?  Does not the Father come to us and give us consolation as well ?  If we spend time in some scritpural reflections we can recieve our consolation, our instructions, and our spiritual feeding that will give us peace.  At the end of it all we can join the celebration with the communion of Saints.

Easter should be a time of joy and celebration ass we move closer to the Easter season, let us celebrate the joy of the resurrection and our freedom from sin.


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