New Days … New Situations… New Tests…. New Victories

Good Day Brothers and SIsters.

 May the Lord give you the gift of his peace.

As I told you in my previous post these last days have been particularly busy with a new job.  As with all new positions there is a certain period of time when you first begin that creates a certain amount of anxiety as you get  adjusted to new ideas and  new tools and processes.  You also get  a different timing, different expectations and a variety of other variables which all cause a certain level of distress as you move foward. 

Life is very much like this. We are faced with a miriad of differnt and new situations that are often differnt or new to us or at least involving differnt people that cause us a certain level of stress.  The important part of these things is how do we deal with these situations and what can we do to minimize the stress we all feel.  Mostly, how does this reflect onour spiritual lives.

It may be that like me these situations may cause you to withdraw and reflect to a certain degree.  How to approach a situation in a way that is the most Christ like.   The first thing to remember is that all things pass.  The anxiety, stress, and other negative feelings will pass with time and process. 

The important things to remember are…   Remember that God is in charge.     God is in charge of my life, and all the things that happen within it.   I can say therefore that nothing will occur he did not already plan for even if its a test.  Since he is in charge  I dont have to worry about it.

I can only control what happens for me.  I get to have control over my own feelings and emotions, and what happens to me in most cases. 

I give the problems over to God and trust he will sort them out as he wants.  Its my job to carry my own cross and learn my own lessons.   I will do what I need to on order to get the job done as best I can.  God will take care of the rest.

We choose to be happy.  If you are not happy generally speaking, it is because you are making the wrong choices.   If you choose to be happy, You will remove the things from your life that cause you not to be happy,.  If it is a person, and you love them or care about them, you might choose to confine your relationship to what ever is managable for you and therefore the rest of your life will be happy.

First, last and always.   This will make your life happier.  Eventually if God does not want you to do something or be someplace, or does not want you to do something it will become abundantly clear.  It has been my experioence that God is not about being secretive in his desires.  He will let you know. 

Your life will be better, and happier if you follow the signs.   Read the Bible its full of great life advice and the application to todays world is pretty clear if you sit and ponder for a little while and be open to His teaching.

Peace and Good.


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