Into Each Life…

Good Day Brothers and Sisters !

 Peace be with you …

 Today in my neck of the woods its raining.  You say.. so what its raining.  I live in Florida where the temperatures are usually mild and that means that I can ride my motorcycle or motorscooter 365 days a year.   In truth, I do not own a car or truck and have not owned one for over 7 years.    This makes the statement that its raining take on an entirely different meaning for me.    It means that regardless of what I do, I am going to get wet.  This is a well known and accepted fact amongst people who ride,.  If you ride in Florida your going to get wet.    Some people think I am crazy for not having a car.  In fact, when I started riding, a great number of people I worked with thought I was a bit nuts.  As the Gas crunch ensued and the prices of gas rose ever higher, they then considered I was not so much a nut case but actually pretty sharp.   

    The truth of the matter is that the reason I started riding had nothing to do with economics, but everything to do with pure enjoyment, and the escape from the ever increasing push to enact Seat belt laws.   

   You are probably asking yourself OK but what does this have to do with our faith.  Good question.  Consider this for a moment, Throughout all of Salvation history, there have been men and women all around the world who have been considered nuts for doing what they were doing.  Moses, Noah, Samuel, Jesse, Jesus, St Francis, St Clare, Saint Augustine, all of them society counted as total nut jobs.  But look at what happened. God who pretty much put them in the position of being considered crazy by society told them to go do something, and to spite the cost to them personally, they persevered and did what God asked, and eventually were rewarded for their fidelity. 

 We may not be asked to do great things or things that will allow us to build an arc, but we do make choices every day about the kind of things that might make the difference in the lives of just one person.  That change in just one person may be the trigger that causes that one person to go  forward to do great things.


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