Every day a new opportunity….

Good Day Brothers and Sisters !

May Peace reign in your hearts this day !

 I find that every day can be a paradox.  We are faced with decisions that cause us to ponder the paths we are to choose.  Sometimes the choices are easy.  Do go here or there, Do I stay home or do I go out.  Then there are the tougher choices.   

 In Todays reading  There is a story of the favored son who was lavished upon by the father.  Then the other sons being jealous of this position was taken, beaten, and given over to strangers as a slave.    One of the interesting parts of this parable is that the other sons take the time and consider the fact that what they are doing is wrong, and they can not kill their brother.     But sold him into slavery instead so that they could have their way with him, and subsequently their fathers inheretance.. 

 What can we glean from this part of the parable ?  We can see that although the brothers are doing something which is evil, or bad, that they show some sign of basic good.  It is some shred of light in their souls that tells them that they can not kill their brother.    Does it excuse their actions ? No, but it does make an interesting point. 

 In todays society we have such brothers and sisters in our jails.  This is one of the reasons we have in our corporal works of mercy the duty to visit those in jail.  Not because it is the nice thing to do, and not because we changed our minds about what it is that they did, it is because these brothers and sisters need to experience the love of God in a place that shows them little, or during a life when they may not have been shown love before.  

 Later in the parable, the son who was thrown into slavery has the opportunity to do things that are good by working to show his captors both a path of Gods love, and then mercy and forgiveness to his brothers.

 It is not that we do not have urges, or promptings to be vindictive, or mean in return for what we are given, it is in what we do with it. recognizing that those urges are part of our fallen human nature  that causes us to feel that way, and our responses to it that makes the difference.


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