Take the time to be the servant…

Good Day Brothers and Sisters !

May the Lord give you his peace !

 In Yesterdays Gospel we find Jesus and the disciples heading towards Jerusalem where he informs the disciples that this is where is is going to be handed over to begin his passion and be put to death.   I n this moment he is still wanting to teach the disciples about what it means to be a Christian leader. 

 At the same time he is giving them assurances that he they will have a place in heaven with him, but they can not drink of the same cup that he is going to.

 This seems pretty straight forward.. but what can we glean from this in our day to day lives ?  What is it that uis hidden here for us to use today ?   

 Well, we gain humility in the lesson  where it is that Jesus tells the disciples how to be leaders.  In order to be a great leader you must be the servant of all.   Great, so how does that apply to me ?   OK So events happen in a certain set of circumstances for a reason.  We really dont have to know why.  What we do have to know is that all of us have problems and have to carry some form of cross in a near daily experience,  The thing is not so much we avoid the problems, but how we deal with them.  This has a great deal to do with trust. 

 If you consider the fact the Jesus already knew he was going to Jerusalem to die so much more was the effort, and yet he took the time to try to teach us before hand.  In our lives while carrying the crosses that are given to us we need to be mindful of the fact that it is not no much that we may fail, but it is in these harder times that we can do the most good.  Both for ourselves and for others.  For ourselves in how it is that we handle the issues we are faced with,, and others in our leading by example.  

 If  you put yourself in the place of the disciples, then you are learning , and being inspired through the example of Christ even if you are afraid.  We take these little lessons of example and file them away as a reference point.  Your conscience will tell you that what you have witnessed is good and the Spirit will lead you where you should go.

In this mornings Gospel we learn the parable of the rich man who, while he was alive knew Lazarus as a poor man, and a beggar.  While the rich man refused to give Lazarus anything and allowed him to suffer, in the afterlife he finds himself in the burning fires where he suffered, and Lazarus was being comforted by Elijah.    The rich man begged and pleaded to no avail for just a drop of water, and later to go back in order to warn his brothers not to behave as he did, but Elijah refused.    He pointed out also that there was a great chasm between the two parts.  Those who were comforted and those who now suffer. 

The point of that parable is a fairly basic message.  Engage in the corporal works of mercy.  Take care of your brothers and sisters here on earth.   Feed the Hungry, clothe the naked, give shelter to those who have none.  Seems like a pretty simple idea. 

The unfortunately truth is that there is a far cry between that which is the idea and the practice of the idea.     For today we have far to many who are hungry.  Not because we can not feed them, but because of greed.   We have too many who suffer needlessly. 

I remember there was a group of kids I went to elementary school with who were the school bullies.  They would pick on someone, and then tell would do something to them, and dare them to say anything, but at the same time tell them that “silence was consent”.

The idea is to place the person in a position where saying anything, or taking any action will cost them something that they would prefer not to have or do.   

In our lives, each act of charity will cost you something.  Even if its just your time, it will cost you.  The idea is to not count the cost.  To not care about what the consequences are, or to accept them as gain for the kingdom of heaven.   

I apologize for the breavity of some of this, I am begining a new position with a changing time schedule and I am still attempting to adjust.  Please be patient while I go through some of these.. and God bless !


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