Transfiguration not just for Sundays..

Good Day Brothers and Sisters !

May the Lord give you his peace !

 This past Sunday was transfigurastion Sunday.  The day when Jesus went up to Mount Tabor and while praying appeared with Moses and Elijiah.  Jesus Garments changed while he prayed to a dazzeling white color.  Afterward Peter wanted to build 3 tents there at the site.  One for Jesus, Moses and Elijah. ( Luke 9:28B).

 Most of the homilies one hears on this have to do with what the transfiguartion meant to the disciples.  There was a certain new clarity that indeed this was Jesus, the Christ,the son of God.

 Today I will ask you to place yourself into the story.   Are you Jesus the one who prays and is trtansfigured ?  Praying changes things.  This is often the quote you hear from people.  The truth is that yes it changes things.  The biggest part of the things that it changes is the one who is praying.  There is a undeniable change in the person who is praying, who is atuning themselves to God.  It may be  that the desire to change some circumstance is like performing some work of mercy, initially intended to make someone elses life better, has the dual action of feeding the soul of the one doing the work.  

 Many times while working in a hospital I went to serve, but mainly found that I was in fact the one who was being taught something, or I gained so very much spiritual insite from those I went to serve or watching someone else who was also there to serve. 

 Maybe you are one of the disciples.  You are tired and pushed to your physical limits .  Maybe you just need some sleep or rest.  Maybe like the disciples it comes to be that you get shaken out of your daily existance by the light of something new in your life.  Something diffent that is going on in your world.  You see someone else who prays and changes.  Maybe it is because of the people you have come to know a change occurs and you see them in a new light.  Or there is a situation that comes to light as a result of your prayer,, or someone elses.

One of the other things that was somewhat curious about this gospel reading is that the disciples that were present were Peter, James and John.   Peter was the one that asked to build the tents for Jesus, Moses and Elijah.  The other two did not.  They were preparing to leave the mountain.     It would seem that they were more or less watching all the goings on at the time.     Possibly you are one of the other disciples.  Are you waiting, watching, but not moved to action ?        

 These are all forms of the transfiguations that occur in our daily lives. Each one is an opportunity to become awakened and to see the power of God working within our lives.  

 It is up to each one of us to walk up that mountain, to push the limits a bit in our relationship with Jesus and to be mindfull of the trasfigurations that occur in each of  us on a daily basis.


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