You just dont get it ….

Good Day to you all  !  May the Lord give you his peace.

Todays Gospel  is from Luke ( Luke 11:29).    Here Jesus is preaching to the crowds and more are gathering in their stead.   During this time of teaching he gave the disciples the Lord’s prayer.  He taught the crowds how to be good and loving.   But they still didnt understand what he was trying to teach them.   He was frustrated.. and in the Gospel today tells them that the City of Nineva , which God was going to destroy, but sent Jonah to tell them of it. yet even so they repented of their sins and were saved.   Jesus tells these people that the people of Nineva were greater because they had a light, which was Jonah and they recongized their evil and repented.  Where the people in this place did not.

There are several places in scripture where we have seen where Jesus gets a bit annoyed with the lack of understanding, the lack of love, and the  circumstances at hand.   We can take some solice in the fact that Jesus being true God and truly human at the same time, experienced all these emotions and He understands the day to day frustrations and stresses that can weigh on each of us.    It was for this reason that God became man.  It is also for this reason that we should take some special comfort.  Jesus because he was true man is uniquely in the position to be our brother and consoler in our struggles and stife.

Everyone has tests.  Its our kids, our parents, the neighbors, the boss. who ever, or what ever it is that is your particular brand of buttons that someone just has to push, consider for a moment , that the tests are specifically designed for you.   There are temptations, that are temptations just for you.   The effect you in some specific way that causes you to react.   The problem is not that there are tests in the world.  The problem is what do we do about them that is the bread and butter of how we choose to live. 

Many times I have heard grown men and women who say things like ” I decided that I was never going to have my kids be raised the way I was”.    But what your truly saying is, ” I dont want to react to the situation the way they did”.   This is telling because we should take the time to review our situations and make choices in line with our spiritual lives.   At the same time we should be asking ourselves why is this test here ?  Or, What is this test meant to teach me or to show me.    

I was laid off from my job for almost a year,  I put out resumes, and made calls, talked to more people than I could imagine.  I just could not find anything except this one job that offered me a position.   Taking the position would have meant major changes in my time schedule and to be honest it would be just darned inconvenient.     Its just the only door that continuously stayed open.   I prayed.. I asked..  and still its the only door.  So, I accepted the position.  The truth is I dont know why I am supposed to be there, but , I know there is a reason.    I am positive I will know later on.  So sometimes, we just have to go on faith.

Peace be with you !


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