The Light Shall Rise for You in Darkness

Good Evening Brothers and Sisters, I am sorry I didnt get to the blog today in order to share some of todays readings with you.   You see, its been a very busy day for me,  I got up, went to morning mass,  shared some of my journey with my brothers and sisters.   I spent this day in the launching of a new ministry that  is called the Saint Elizabeth Ministry,  who’s goal it is to bring food and drink to the hungry and poor on our cities roads.   

This mornings readings are from Isaiah ( 58:9b +)    It was very apropos for what it was that I was trying to accomplish and possibly for something you are attempting to accomplish as well.   This reading is your basic How-To guide on how to get what you need to accompish what ever is Gods will for you.     The important parts of this statement are, how to accomplish what ever GOD wants , and what ever is HIS will for you, not necessarily what WE want or what OUR will is.     

I am sure there are some out there who are like me in that we can plan and plan and plan and what ever it was we were planning just does not work out.  Later on, we should be able to see why that might have been.   If we ask.  

The Lord says  “If you remove from your midst oppression,false accusation and malicious speech”  I was always a bit of a fan of that intelligent writing that said, All I needed in life I learned in Kindergarden.    Of course that was Kindergarden before they didnt allow prayer in schools, before you couldnt say God, before you couldnt hug one another.   Basically before the human race got involved and messed things up.

Seems pretty basic.. be nice.. treat people with respect that is due them not as human beings, but as children of God.   The next part, seems equally basic.  Give bread to the hungry and satisfy the afflicted.     Feed our poor, In the United States the Department of Agriculture reported last year that nearly 20 percent of our population was reported to not have enough to eat.  The problem is growing.    

The part of this scripture directs us to satisfy the afflicted.    This does not mean that we are only to take care of the ill. it means that we are to engage in social justice issues as well.  Being a proponent of legislation for the betterment of all.   Working for the care of all creation and respect for creation is part of the stewardship we are called to.   Taking care of our brothers and sisters and taking care that everyone is treated with dignity is part of this as well.  Who is afflicted ?  At some point, it is all of us.  The sick, the tired, the overworked, the victims of violence, even the criminal is afflicted although they may or may not realize it. 

” The light shall rise for you in the darkness”  and ” Then the Lord will guide you always and give you plenty even on parched land”.     God will make things clear to you in His time.   For most of us that does not happen right away, but as you work towards peace and justice with your brothers and sisters, in the process you will become more attuned to what God is looking for you to do.     He will eventually turn the light on, and let you know.   You will also come to know at some point why that is.   Patience, and perseverance is the key.   Pray, ask, and then listen.  Too often we forget the last part. 

All in all, the point here is that the Lord wants you to do your part, and He will do the rest.  Pray, have Hope and Faith and care for your brothers and sisters and the light will shine out for you like a sun at midday.


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