God Will Provide …

Good Morning Brothers and Sisters, and may the peace of our Lord be with you !

This morning in the Gospel of Mark ( Mark 8:14 +) We discover that the disciples are with Jesus in a boat on a journey to the district called Dalmanutha.  upon his arrival the Pharisees began to verbally assault Jesus, and demand proof through a sign from heaven that he was the Son of God.     Jesus piles everyone back in the boat and leaves.  While they are in the boat, the disciples discover that they have forgotten to pack anything but one loaf of bread.  They are concerned that they will not have enough to eat.

Jesus, becomes aware of the issue and reminds them of the miracle of the loaves and fishes.  Then he again asks them why they are worried about such things.

The message here is when we are dealing with others, we need to engage is a humble and patient perseverance.   Particularly with those who may not have our level of understanding.    For we too had to learn at the kindness of strangers.  None of us was born with a complete understanding of the world.  Didn’t our parents teach us ?

At some point in everyones life, when the world is a confusing place to be we lean on those we have trusted or believed to help show us the way.   We must fight the temptation to be judgemental and place labels on those who do not understand the world the way we do.  We very much need to spend more time talking to others so that through our talks, and through dialogue we will find a commonality.  We will find our brother or sister in the light that shines in them.

Is the person you see on the side of the road a lazy bum who does not want to work and addicted to alcohol or drugs ? Possibly the person on the side of the road is someone who has a job that pays so little that they can not afford housing, and food.   Take the time and learn the story behind the face of the stranger.

At the job is the person you responsible for not really getting the idea of what you need them to do ?    Is there one who is the social outcast ?   Is there someone who is quiet and does not socialize ?     It is easy to ignore them.  It is easy to not pay attention.   It takes courage to step out in faith to reach out to our brothers and sisters and spend some of ourselves in helping them along.

The thing that is ironic is that in the efforts of trying to help, of reaching out , and spending ourselves in the pursuit of love of our neighbor, you will find that it is YOU who finds love, and you that will find that has been helped in your spiritual giftedness.

I would encourage everyone to volunteer to serve at a hospital if you want an intensive course in God.  For it is there in one small building that you get it all.. Life, death, joy and sorrow.  There is more faith displayed in all its glory, and more places where there is a genuine outpouring of Christian love than anywhere I know.   Take that experience, and then go and share that in every other facet of your life.  The world and you will be richer for it !


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2 Responses to “God Will Provide …”

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