Just Like Kids..

Good morning brothers and sisters !  Peace be with you !

This mornings Gospel reading comes again from Mark ( Mark  7:31+).   In this story Jesus is enters the district of Decopolis and upon his arrival some people brought a deaf man with a speech impediment to him to be cured.  Jesus takes the man away in private, and does what is asked, he cures the man, and then tells the people not to say anything about him curing the man.  But the more he tells them not to, the more they do it.

I think there are a few things about this that are interesting.  First, people who are sitting there being told not to do something.  Well, they are just like kids.  The more you tell them not to.. the more they do it.   But this is not different.  During the entire history of human existance, starting with Adam and Eve, we have fallen down. We have historically not had a great track record when it comes to following directions.     In fact in some cases we just had to wait a little while until we were out of the site of which ever prophet came along, to revert to our old ways and get the party started.     Just like kids…

So, Why would Jesus think it would be different this time ?

Look at your life historically, have we not fallen down, made our own share of mistakes, sinned in some ways we are not especially proud of ?      Don’t we know someone else, maybe someone in our families, or friends who went a bit off the path ?  Maybe  they fell so far off the path that they can not even see the path ?  There are people who have hurt us, or hurt our earthly family in someway ?

Jesus most likely already knew they were going to disobey.   But he kept trying.   God knows we fail, but we get forgiveness, and we keep trying.   Do we fail sometimes, yes.   But there is always forgiveness from God.  There is a bounty that is endless in the mercy that is alotted to us.   The great part of that is that we have access to that mercy when ever we want it.   We have access to that kind of unconditional love of the Father every time.  No matter how many times we fall, No matter how many times we fail.

It is interesting that the lines at the sacrament of reconciliation are short to non-existant these days.   people still dont quite get it.     Its not about confessing sins to a priest.   It is about receiving forgiveness from God.    There is a certain accountability that we have in our faith lives.    We need to get past the human factor of the sacrament.   We all know that a sacrament is an outward sign of an inward grace instituted by God.   Reconciliation is the sacrament where the outward sign is the human conduit that is in the person of the priest, but the inward graces that come in the forgiveness of  God is so amazing.   If more people would come to this kind of understanding then indeed the church would be overflowing with people lined up for reconciliation.    Its a great feeling.. give it a try and what do you have to loose ?


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