Even The Dogs Eat Of The Childrens Scraps.

Good day brothers and sisters !  May peace reign in your hearts and homes !

This morning, in the Gospel of Mark (Mark 7:24 +)  Jesus has gone to Tyre.   He seems to want rest and to go unnoticed by anyone.  Basically he is tired and wants to be left alone to rest and gather his strength. 

True to form, this just is not what happens.  There is some Greek lady that shows up and asks him to drive the demons out of her daughter.   Jesus says to her.. ” Let the children be fed first, for it is not right to take the food of the children and throw it to the dogs. ”  and the Greek lady says ” Even the dogs under the table  eat  the childrens scraps”.

A confession,  I am a bit of a coffee – holic.   Without my morning caffine fix I am a bit off my game.  In fact, as I write this, I am sitting in my “home-office” (a.k.a. the bedroom) where I am enjoying a mug of Hawaiian Hazelnut flavored brew.     A good cup of coffee is my largest vice.  A vigorously protected vice at that I might add.   

One day, early in my career at one company I used to work in, I came in to work.  I was tired and basically just wished to be left alone until the world came back into focus.  Well, that didn’t happen.   Someone came to me and decided to come and complain to me about something that was going on that they were not pleased about, that I was supposed to do something about.   I mean I didnt even have a chance to hardly get in the door before this guy was in my face, let alone have my coffee.   So, I admit having growled at him at bit.   It was not alot. At least I didnt think so.   Just enough so that he got the picture that he needed to allow me to get in the door and get some coffee before he came in and dumped all over my world.

Well. it seems that from that single incident, I developed a bit of a reputation in my department and no one would come to me with anything until after they were positive the coffee mug I had was more than halfway gone.     That was tempered by the fact that they also knew they could come to me with anything personal or business after that had occurred.  

In the Gospel this morning Christ just wanted to get away and was being hounded by this lady who obviously wanted help.  She knew that Jesus was the one to do it, and she was obviously not leaving until after she got what she came for.   BUT.. She was a Greek.  Up until Jesus came,  we are not told, but probably until Jesus showed up she probably didnt even believe in him or his message, maybe had not even heard of him until he got close to town, and probably was told by someone else. Maybe a neighbor or a friend took her aside and told her that Jesus could heal her daughter.

It sounds on the surface like Jesus might be calling this woman a dog, or just looking down on her.   It seems that he is being rather reluctant, or dismissing.  but in truth he is trying to teach her something.   

Let the children be fed …   The children of God who recieve the manna from heaven, who receive from heaven’s bounty the graces and blessings of light.     These children of God will not go hungry.   The woman shrewdly turns the phrase with him, and still acknowledges that the blessings come from God, and that she may benefit from just the smallest bit.  

So it is with our faith.  people have different gifts, different stores of their faith.  All of the Body of Christ have some deposit of faith some more, some less.   It is in our persistance like the woman in this Gospel that our faith grows.


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