Can The Heavens Contain All of You ?

Good Morning Brothers and Sisters !   Peace be with you !

In the readings this morning, we are reading from the prophet Isaiah who asks a rather pointed question, that indeed some still ponder today.

““Can it indeed be that God dwells on earth?
If the heavens and the highest heavens cannot contain you,
how much less this temple which I have built!  ”   ( Isaiah 8 : 27 )

If you want to get a sense of how it was that Isaiah felt when he made this statement,  go to church, on Sunday, a little early this time.. or stay a little later this time, and ponder Our Lord, in the blessed Eucharist in the tabernacle.

Consider how immense and how vast God is.  How awesome it is that he chose to be with us throughout time by dwelling in that tiny box.    It is not how ornate or plain it is.  It is not that there are one or one hundred and one people there to worship.  It is that God in his greatness once again chooses us. It is His will that we should have access to be with him, to take him in, and to love Him.

There are grand cathedrals, and tiny mission churches, but God is no less present in all these places.      But not only in these places, but in the tabernacles of our souls that we carry.   Here lies part of the mystery of the sacredness of life.  In each person is an indwelling of the Most High.   It is in the recognition of this fact that we acknowledge that all life is sacred.

We can, if we choose to seek it, find the presence of God in creation.   Nature offers us the unique opportunity to appreciate the marvelous handiwork of Gods creation.   From Sunsets over the water, to mountain sunrises, and mornings on a lake watching the fish jump out of the water, it is in the smallness of nature that we can indeed see the vastness of God.


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