Residing in the dark clouds…

Peace be with you  ! 

In the first reading this morning ( 1 Kings:8:1 ).  There is a grand procession  with the Ark and the priests etc.  There are sacrifices made to the Lord as he inhabits the temple built for him by Soloman.

During the course of the descriptions given in this scripture, there is one part I found fascinating.    It talks about how the Lord came to occupy the temple in a cloud.  The cloud was so dark that the priests who were present could not minister to the people who were present.   

Then Solomon said, “The LORD intends to dwell in the dark cloud;
I have truly built you a princely house,
a dwelling where you may abide forever.”

How does this resonate into our daily lives ?   The Lord in the reading was hidden from the priests and people by a dark cloud.    We do not see God in all of  His Glory ?    There is no single place , ark , or temple where God is.     God is everywhere.   To those who do not seek Him, He is hidden from sight.     

We are cooperators with God in His creation of Life.  In these holy temples is the indwelling of the Spirit.  Can we see this ?   Do we seek God in the common and ordinary things in life.   Is he hidden from us in a cloud.    

Are we the people outside the temple, possibly not feeling worthy to have the direct relationship with God ?  Or maybe  we are one of the people who do not want a relationship or do not believe in God at all.    It is our mindset and our lack of seeking God that keeps us outside , from having a relationship with God.

Maybe  you are the priests, who tried to reach others by your words, but eventually had to leave because the dark cloud you felt was too much to continue.   I promise that it is not.     If you have walked through a morning  New England Fog, it is dense, sometimes you can not see but ten feet in front of you, but as you progress, while following the road, eventually the signs will be as you get closer.     It is possible to see, if you go forward, seek the signs, and desire to seek God. 

The great saints talk about spending their time “in the dessert” or ” in the dark”.  This is not an actual place, it is a time when they may feel separated from God.   They seek, but do not feel close to God.  It is during these times when God is closest to us.  It is in the peresevering in seeking him, that eventually leads to clarity of vision.


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