Whom shall I send ?

Good Day Brothers and Sisters !  Peace be with you !

Today in the first reading from Isaiah Chapter 6.    Isaiah is confronted with the vision of the Lord accompanied by some angels.  The house fills with smoke and the door frame is shaking.

About this time he is scared and confesses that he is scared because he has been sinful ( has unclean lips).  Not only is he sinful but he acknowledges that his people are also sinful.

The angel grabs an ember from the altar and touches Isaiah’s lips with it.  And tells him that with this action his sins have been purged .   With this he hears the Lord saying ” Whom shall I send ?  Who will go for us ?”

Isaiah says ” Here I am , Send me !”.

Sometimes looking at these readings  there are little messages, and little insights in the corners.

In this case, the question again becomes where can you see yourself in this reading ?  Are someone with sinful lips among others with sinful lips ?    Can we turn away from the pain in our brothers and sisters ?    Can we afford to believe its OK to turn away because someone else can deal with it. Someone else can take care of it better than I can ?

Do we look at a situation, and know it is wrong but stay silent because it is not the acceptable thing ?   Do we project our insecurities and fears against those we do not know or understand ?   Do we project the fears of others or allow their fears to invade our psyche that cause us to turn from helping our brothers and sisters ?

In this reading I find myself thinking of people who find themselves in dire straits.  ( The room fills with smoke and the door frame shakes)…   There are elements of deep seeded fear because when bad things happen we tend to take stock of our own sinful nature.    This is usually followed by  some fast and furious prayer time with God to fix what ever the problem tends to be.    It  may be that God intervenes and fixes  what ever the issue is which is followed by joy and a quick thank you.

But few of us ever get to the point where we are listening to God in the part of the reading where he gets to say OK.. Whom shall I send ?  Who will go for us ?…. We have already left the building.  The discussion on our part is already done.  We got what we needed.

God needs messengers today.  He needs you and I to be his hands and feet.  He needs for us to be his voice in the wilderness.

Possibly there is some fear about saying ” Here I am “.  Finances, family , the economy, all good reasons.    When Christ told   Simon to cast our his nets in the afternoon, Simon’s logic told him that he was not going to catch anything, but he did it anyway because the Lord told him to.  He had to go on faith.     It is not any different today.  Sometimes, you just have to let go, and trust that God has it all in hand.


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