No place like home…

Good morning and Peace be with you !

In this mornings Gospel ( Mark 6:1 +)  We find that Jesus has returned home to preach in his own home town.  The place where he grew up and give teaching and healing to those who knew him best.   Here is has the home court advantage.  He knows the places, the people, he should be right at home.

Instead, he gets quite a different response.  Those who spend time asking what was he doing up there as a teacher ?  Who is he to teach us ?  Isn’t he the guy who used to hang out with James, Joseph, Judas and Simon ?   Isn’t that Mary and Jospeh’s kid ?

Jesus says ” The prophet is not without honor except in his native place among his own kin and his own house”.  It says Jesus was not able to do much there but heal a few people and was astounded at their lack of faith.

How does this Gospel reflect into our daily lives ?   Everyone has some kind of talent or gift.   Sometimes we dont recognize the gift until later in life sometimes it is recognized for us early in life.   The risks come in the sharing of the gift with others.

We give and recieve conflicting messages.  When we share our gifts are they truly appreciated both at home and in public ?  In our home town are they appreciated or tollerated ?    Maybe like Jesus, the gifts are appreciated in the rest of the world but at home, not so much.

As a musician I relate this much like musical endeavors.  At home your parent, spouse, or children listen to you practice, and make mistakes and put up with your attempts at learning to the point where you drive them just a little nuts.   Possibly they do not appreciate the endeavor so much.   Ah, but at the performance, the public at large may love the final result.

Love.  Love is the gift we practice at home, and share with the rest of the world.


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