Above all things of this world there is hope !

Peace be with you brothers and sisters !

Today is the Feast of the Presentation of Our Lord.   For those not aware, this feast is a celebration akin to a baptism.  In the days of the Old Testament children were taken to the temple to be circumcized and given their name.   Children who were the first born males, were dedicated to God.  ( Luke  2:22+) .  This is also the source of the tradition where the first born male of the house is dedicated to God to become a priest originated; in the Gospel of Luke.

I have however gotten a bit ahead of myself.  In the first reading (Malachi Chapter 3).  Is the annunciation of the coming of the Lord.  God tells Malachi I am sending my messenger who is going to prepare my way.  He ( the Lord) will come and purify them so that they can offer acceptable sacrifices.

This is a joy for those who believe as we know that the Lord is coming.  He made a way for us to offer acceptable sacrificies for Him.   He continues this work today through the holy and sacrificing work of our clergy.

In the second reading ( Hebrews 2:14+) Here is spelled out a great message of hope for we share in the one body and one blood.  That Jesus shares with us His kingdom.  We are told that death no longer has power over us because of the victory we have in Him.  That we dont have to be slaves to our fears because Jesus already won our battle for us.

There is an old friend of mine who used to tell me ” Fear is sin paid twice”.  It took me a while to get to the root of that.  In this reading it is clear.  Have hope, not fear as fear is a waste of your time.

Moving on we read that Jesus loved us, and wanted to be like us so that he could save us from our sins,  Not only to save us from our sins, He wanted to experience life as we experience it in order that he would know exactly and personally what it meant to suffer the trials we suffer, and to claim victory over the fights we fight every day, and so that he could help us in our day walk.

The Gospel is the presentation of the Lord in the temple and gives a foreshadowing of the glories yet to come.  In all things we should have hope.   In all things there should be light in your day for God has already given you all that you need.

In all these readings there is a clear path of hope and light.  It gives us reason to rejoice and be glad.  You have the power to shed your own chains.   Being happy is not something you feel…. it is something you CHOOSE.


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