Another Mustard Seed.

Greetings Brothers and Sisters and Peace be with you !

Today we have continued to read from the Gospel of Mark ( Mark 4:26 +).    In the Gospel we find Christ once again attempting to teach the crowd that has gathered about the Kingdom of God.   He gives them parables so that they could more easily understand.   The crowd was probably a mixture of those who did not believe Jesus, and those who may have believed, or wanted to believe but did not understand, and finally the disciples.

Jesus again gives us the picture and imagery of the mustard seed.  The smallest of the seeds.  This tiny seed grows into a huge plant.   Luke 17- tells us that if we had faith the size of a mustard seed we could move mountains just by saying to the mountain to move.    Again the mustard seed.   This was something that these people could relate to , something for them to grasp and understand.     He is reaching out and attempting to get those who do not understand to grow, to learn , and to reach outside themselves.

Is it really so different for us ?  Even those who go to church every Sunday and listen to the same Gospels being read, or the same readings year in and year out.  The its not the Gospel or the reading that changes, it is our understanding, and our application that changes.   Like the turning of a diamond, different facets glitter as light passes through the stone.   So it is with us.  The message ( the stone) it didnt change we just looked at the message differently and understood something new.  We gained insight into the kingdom as a fruit of the Spirit.    Now back to the mustard seed.

What we DO with that insight, wisdom and knowledge is our mustard seed.  I need to take that and plant it.   Share your thoughts, share the wisdom with someone else, or just share the love of God which was part of your knowledge through action, or word.  This does not mean you have to become a preacher.  Saint Francis told his brothers in the Rule of 1221 – “Let all the brothers however preach by their deeds.”     So it is with us.   Our most powerful witness to the Gospel is in how we live our lives.

The seed will grow.. the seeds of your acts of love will multiply.  You may not get the opportunity to see the fruits of the seed in this lifetime,  but you will surely see them in heaven.    The seed is small, it does not take great efforts, and the harvest will be in the multitudes.    Love, Love, Love !


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