Feeling the Pressure !

Todays reading is from the Gospel of Mark Chapter 3…

The reading sees Christ withdrawing from the crowds he sees coming.. gets his disciples to get a boat ready for him so that they would not be crushed in by the crowds.   Jesus had been healing the sick  and so everyone who was sick or diseased in some way was coming to him for healing.

This shows a part of Jesus’ humanity.   He was probably feeling a bit over whelmed be the sheer volume of people beginning to crowd around.

How many of us do not feel the same way.  Dont we also feel the strain from the pull of family, or work, or even at times our friends, brothers and sisters ?     We need to ” Come away to a quiet place and rest “.   This is true for each of us.  Whether you need just 10 minutes, or a weekend , or a week or two.    Everyone needs time to get away.  The question becomes what we do with our time away.

Rest, prayer, meditation.. time to sit with God, to enter the dance, to be still and listen.   We have in our current day more noise makers, bigger and more obnoxious noise makers then ever before.   Cell phones, pagers, desk phones, computers, alarms, loud cars, and motorcylces,  and more than ever we have people who are demanding more of our time, our very lives.       Sometimes you may be able to see the tide.    You may feel that the crowds, or the deadlines, or demands are pressing in.

The best thing to do is to take various parts of the Gospel you read today.    Be the part of the person in the crowd who with all of our dis-ease, our sickness, our need and take them to Jesus.   Be  the part of Jesus who takes the time out to prepare, and pray and then tackle your daily walk with peace and love for your brothers and sisters.  Lastly be the part of the disciple, who takes the time, to listen to what Jesus tells you, and then set about to do the things that he tells you to do.

If you take the time to include God in your life.  In the morning, during your walk, and at night  you will find peace in your daily walk.

In hoc signo vinces !


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