Your Faith Has Healed You !

This mornings Gospel is from St Mark chapter 2.  In the gospel we find Jesus has returned to Capernum and the crowds gather.  So many people had gathered that one group of men who wanted to bring their fried a paralytic ( someone who is paralized ) for healing.  They could not reach Jesus so they carried him inside a house and punched a hole in the roof in order to lower him down from the roof in order that Jesus  might see and heal him.  Jesus heals him in spite of the thoughts of taunts of the crowd.

Like all the parables, there is room in the story for all !

There is room for us as the paralytic.  Are we paralyzed by fear ?   Maybe we dont want to publicly proclaim the kindgdom of God for fear that we would be rejected ?   For fear of not being politically correct ?   Are we physically ill hoping that Christ will heal our bodies or our minds ?   Are we paralyzed because we are uncertain in what to do or say ?     Are we afraid of what others will think of us ?   Are we worried that in our attempts to be Christ to others, that our friends and family will not think we have chosen wisely ?   Are we lacking confidence or conviction of our faith that Christ will provide what we need ?   Are we broken ?

There is room for us in the Gospel where we are in the crowd.   Are we nay sayers ?  Are we people who lack the courage to speak out for Christ ?  Are we the people in the crowd who do not believe that it is right to care for this brother or that brother on some particular day ?   Do we doubt that we do not have the authority given to us by God to care for our brothers and sisters ?    Do we lack the strength of conviction to move to action when our Christian values tell us it is the right thing to do

Lastly, there ir room for us in the friends.  The friends who had the strength of love.  The friends who had the conviction and faith that if they brought this brother before the Lord he would care for his needs.  The friends who went to all odds, and worked diligently to help the one they loved.  To bring their friend to Christ for healing was their sole purpose.  To have the strength that when they ran into obsticles they found a way to care for their brother even when others surely thought them nuts.

Do we have the strength of our convictions ?  The strength of faith ?  Do we believe when things are dark and troubles are in our lives.  Christ tells us to pick up our cross DAILY and follow him.  Let us pray for the strength, the faith, and the love to do just that.  AMEN !


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