Your not a Christian because you carry a Bible

Good Morning brothers and sisters !

In todays readings in 1 Samuel Ch 4 – we see Isreal being defeated by the Philistines over 2 different battles.  In the first battle they are beaten badly, and then they call for the Ark of the Lord to be brought out to the battlefield and take that into battle with them.      After the Ark arrives there is a great deal of noise and cheering from the Isrealite camp.   The next day.. they go into battle taking the Ark with them, and Isreal looses , several are killed and the Ark of the Lord is taken by the Philistines.

There are a few ways this could be looked at.  First, In the previous chapter of Samuel, we learned that the Lord was not particularly happy with Eli because his sons spoke blasphemous things and Eli did not reproach them for it.   Samuel had a vision from the Lord saying that Eli would be punished.  Later, Samuel tells Eli about the vision and Eli accepts whatever the Lord will is because he is just.  So we could say that the reading is about Eli’s correction from the Lord.

The other thing that is bothersome is this.  First they didnt take the Ark into battle on the first day.   Second, they did not do anything about the Ark except take it along and make alot of noise.    How does this reflect into our daily lives today ?

They didnt take the Ark of the Lord into battle until the second day, when things were not going so well for them.  We should take the opportunity to excercise our relationship with Christ before we start anything.  Before we start the day, before making decisions, before we leave our home.      Seeking the Lords protection and guidance, asking him to guide our steps, is the best way to do His will.

They Got the Ark as an after thought.   How many times do we treat the Lord as an after thought ?   How many times do we leave our relationship with God as our refuge of last resort ?  When things are not going well ?   God does not want to be last in our lives, he wants to be first.     We should include God in our marriage, in our families, in our jobs, in our lives.

Once the Ark arrived in camp there was a great deal of noise, and people where encouraged by the Arks presence.  But they didnt DO anything with it.  They didnt pray, they didnt act.  They didnt ask for assistance or guidance.    Just because you carry a bible and make alot of speeches, or lectures, or talks, does not make you a Christian.  Its in faith AND works.     Salvation is not an event ITS A PROCESS !

The way we are encouraged to make Christ part of our daily lives is through prayer.    Pray without ceasing.. the primary tool the church provides us for this is the Liturgy of the Hours.   It is a great way to sanctify your day read some scripture and orient your day in the right way.    If you need assistance with this prayer method please see your parish priest.  This is the prayer of the Universal church and is not just for Priests , religious, and those in 3rd orders.

Try it … you’ll like it !


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