Happy New Year and welcome back to Ordinary Time

Before I continue with my postings I wanted to share a moment of joy with you all.

First, Christmas was a  blessing for us all.  We have witnessed a rebirth.  The truth is that the recognition of the birth of Jesus is momentus and should be celebrated with great joy and gusto.  This year more than in the past years people were less worried about being ” politically correct” and more about being people of good will !  THIS is a good turn here in the U.S.   We are Christians should sit up and take note.  The fact that we CELEABRATE the birth of Christ openly and without reserve, and unabashedly sharing our joy and our love with others who may not share our faith is part of our own evangelization !

We should recognize that the birth of Christ happens ( or should happen) every day in our lives.  Every day should be Christmas in our hearts.   Christ should be born daily in our walk upon the earth.   He should be born of the love we have for Him and for our fellow man, and indeed for all of creation.

We should be Mary, by carrying the Christ child in our hearts.. Through the labors, through the difficulties, and making the tough decisions that follow in our lives with Christ.

We should be Joseph, who knowing that our brothers and sisters may not be flesh of our flesh and bone of our bone are indeed brothers and sisters, and we are charged with their care and to love them as our own.

This is what it means to be a Christian.. a Christ bearer..   May God give us the grace to be Christians at Christmas and every day.


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