The Visitation…

Good Day Brothers and Sisters !  Happy Advent !

In todays Gospel of St Luke ( Lk 1:39-45 )  We hear the story of the Visitation.   That is, the visitation of Mary to Elizabeth after she began to carry Jesus in her womb.   It is a beautiful story and since Elizabeth was also pregnant with her child John the Baptist, it was that much more joyous for both ladies.

In our church we have a young man who is developmentally disabled in some manner.  I do not really know what it is that is has but that is unimportant.  He is in church every Sunday and is always joyous.   He greets the people he knows with great enthusiasm, and wants to share parts of his life with those in his spiritual family.     He is a joy to have in our spiritual family.

Sunday night I was in church to serve as a Eucharistic Minister.   I arrived early to have some time in contemplation before the Blessed Sacrament.      Time drew near for mass to start and in comes  the young man I mentioned earlier and his mother.   He started to walk to the front of the church, while his mother took a seat a few pews in front of me.

Shortly afterward she put down her coat and bag, and the young man started walking back to her and motioned for her to come along.   She left her place and followed him eventually taking his hand and walked to the front of the church.  They turned right after genuflecting, and I thought they were headed out the door to head to the parish center, but instead they walked over and stood in front of our Holy Family shrine.

After standing there for a while the boy reached up and patted the baby Jesus and stroked his head and arms lovingly. He said something that I didnt hear, but it was obvious that he loved the Infant Jesus.  I felt priviledged to have been witness to this expression of love for our Lord.  I shed a tear or two for the sheer profoundness, and purity of the love this boy had for Jesus.   Then, as I contemplated that moment for a while another scripture occurred to me.. ” Unless you become like a child…”    and there it was for me to see.

We all should be excited in the coming of Christmas, but let this Christmas be for you the time of a spiritual pentecost, a coming of the Lord into your life, into your homes, a renewal of your own love for Christ.   AMEN.


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