Why are Jews called Jews ?

Good Morning Brothers and Sisters…

In this mornings first reading we get an answer to this question ( with a bit of help 🙂

The first reading is from Genesis Chapter 49: 8 – 10.

In this reading Jacob is dying and he has gotten the kids together to see him before he goes to be with God.  In the process.  Jacob tells them that Judah will inherit Kingdom over the tribes of Isreal.    This holds true even during the captivity in Babylon.  The tribe of Judah was the most numberous of all the Tribes.. it is for this reason all the tribes became the tribe of Judah and the people became known as Jews.

So what does this mean for us.. well.. It is from the tribe of Judah, from the line of Jacob, that the lineage of Jesus is taken.  It is from the line of Judah that the Son of Man appears.  This connects to the Gospel reading for this morning Matthew 1: 1- 17.   This Gospel spells out in detail the lineage of Christ.  Starting with Abraham.

One of the interesting notes about this particular Gospel is that this lineage contains a listing of 5 women.    In this time women did not inherit anything and were not considered at all in the respect to geneology as this was all tracked through the fathers lines.  So why the women ?  Why did this geneology enter into the scriptures ?

Tamar -Prostitute , twice a daughter in law , and then wife to Judah

Rahab -Prostitute

Ruth -Who was faithful, and cared for her mother in law who was not able to care for herself.

Bathsheba – an adultress

Mary – Mother of our Lord Jesus.

These are included to show us that even the lineage of Christ was not perfect.    Our own families are not perfect.. they are what we have been blessed with.  Let us remember to deal with our entire spiritual family in loving kindness, and patience.


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