A little righteous indignation …

Good Morning and Peace to you !

In this mornings Gospel  ( Lk 19:45-48 ) We find the familiar story where Luke relates how Christ drove the merchants and moneychangers from the temple.

Very often this passage is used by people to excuse their temperments or behaviors that might seem less than loving.   The thought that they would be outraged by what ever they are confronted with to the point where there is a physical response.

That feeling of outrage is a result of something that we encounter that is by contrary to what our conscience tells us is acceptable behavior.    The thing that is important here is that the ultimately  the responsibility of each person is to respond out of  love not out of  anger.

If something is wrong and you have problems with it.  You have to find ways to deal with that issue in ways that will be ultimately good and healthy.   If someone you see is doing something that is wrong or offensive, then talk to them out of  Love.  Speeches out of anger are rarely heard and are not ultimately there to build up the Kingdom of God.  Then have others talk to the person with you.    If the issue is in Government or an organization.  then you have to work from within the existing structure to fix the issues if possible.   If they still will not listen then fix the things you are able to fix while preserving the dignity of the people involved.

Even while Jesus was in the temple, the people who were the leaders were busy trying to plot against him.  Do not think it will be different for you.  If however you approach your issues out of Love then you always want what is best for all those who are involved.   Learn to orient your life to flow forth out of Love,, and you will teach others in the best way..

From your example.


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