He who has little will have it taken away…

Good Morning !

In todays Gospel of Luke ( Lk 19:11-28 )  We hear Christ telling the parable of the faithful servants.

This familiar Gospel tells us that the master who runs off to make himself a king, gives his servants some gold coins.  Some invest it.. it is grows.. one hides the coin and does nothing with it out of fear of his masters retribution.  There are some who didnt want the master to be king so upon his return he had them all killed.

There are a number of lessons we can glean from this parable.     These gold coins are gifts that each of us have.  What are we doing with these gifts ?

Everyone has a gift.   It could be music, art, poetry, athletics, teaching, or any number of other things.  We are all given some gift.  It does not mean that you can make that gift into a career as some do, but the point of the gift is NOT so you can make money at it.  The meaning of the gift you have recieved is for the benefit of OTHERS.  It is a channel through which you most effectively GIVE LOVE TO OTHERS.

Jesus reminds us that the greatest commandments are to LOVE the Lord your God with all your mind heart and soul and to LOVE your neighbor as yourself.       The Scriptures( 1 Corinthians 13) remind us that of Faith Hope and Love these abide and the greatest of these is LOVE.      Are you seeing the thread here ?

Life creeps in, we get busy doing this and that.  We are tired, we are poor, we are worried.  These are trappings of this world.  It is not of the kingdom of God.  Its easy to get caught up in the day to day struggles and put the gifts aside for use another day ” when we have time”.

The great thing about these gifts is that when we dust them off and give of our gifts, so much greater is the gift we recieve !   And we have not only that part of the gift we get from giving but it is replenished and ready to give again !  It may be that the person who recieves that gift gives part of that gift to another.   Its contageous !

Share your gift !  Share the Love, give love to those you meet.  You may not know who gets effected by the love you give, but you will in heaven.

You could not enter my fathers house without being hugged.  I dont mean just the family I mean everyone.   It was contageous.    Try it !  Imagine if everyone got hugs all the time !    It is hard not to feel great when you get hugged.

Get out there and hug some people !  Share the LOVE !


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