If we all were such as this !

Good Morning !   Happy Feast Day for St Elizabeth of Hungary.  If you are not familiar with this great lady take some time to Google her !

In this mornings readings we continue in Maccabees ( 2 Mc 6:18-31 ).

In this reading we have Eleazar…. He is a man who is older, who is well respected and a scribe.  He is faced with resisting eating food that he was given that is a sin.  They try to force feed him the food and he spits it out on the ground.

Knowing that the sentance for this is death, he begins to walk on his own to the place where he will be killed for his disobedience to the king.    Not really wanting to kill the old man, due to the fact that they had a long standing relationship with him.    In order to get him to save face, they decide to offer him an out.  They tell him OK, you dont really have to eat the meat that the King says you have to, you can go and get something you really can eat, and we will switch it for you.

Eleazar refuses and tells them that it would be a sin to lead his fellow countrymen astray if they believed he had in fact sinned against God in acceptance of the kings decree and pagan religion.    Eleazar is eventually beaten and killed.

What a testament to God was his life.  How does this reflect on us today ?

We should take a page from Eleazars book when it comes to standing up for our faith.    If do not stand for something, you will fall for anything.  The death of faith occurs when the first person fails to stand up for his faith and fails to love his brother or sister.


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