Searching Creation for the Creator…

Good Morning.. !!  Peace be with you  !

This mornings first reading is from the Book of Wisdom ( Wis 13:1-9 ).  The book is aptly named…

The reading speaks about the fact that throughout history people have looked at creation and thought to themselves that the beauty of this thing is so immense that it must be a God.

In fact there are a number of faiths in the modern world that still have this belief that there is a God that lives in some natural phenomenon.

How many people take what it is that they see but never look beyond to see the story behind the thing they are seeing.

I remember one day having to go into St. Petersburg and driving over the Sunshine Skyway bridge.  The bridge is not that long, but it was a very beautiful day.  The sun was shining and sky was a clear frosty blue dotted with an occcasional cloud that ebbed and flowed along its path.  The sun danced on the peaks and vallys of the waves that rolled gently along the water.  The wind blew gently by and as I looked across the water there were dolphins that came to greet the day.   In the back of my mind I thought to myself, ” How is it,, that anyone could look upon all this beauty and not believe in God “?

Then another thought occured to me.   How easy it is to see something beautiful and think of God.  For we are called to find God not only in the beauty of the world, but to find beauty in ALL the world.  We need to look for God not only in the beauty of the world, but in all the world.  Not only in the parks, but in the slums.  Not only in the waters,but in the homeless.

Find the creator in all things.  God is present the world… In ALL of the world.

We find just an indication of  God and the beauty that awaits us, in this world.  Let us look beyond what we see, and seek God in what the world does not see.


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