The Sky is Falling !!

Good Morning !Brothers and Sisters !

This mornings Gospel is from Luke ( Lk 17:20-25 ).  There are a few important things that we can learn from this reading.  

I cant tell you how many times in my lifetime there has been some one who has spread the message of doom though our the community stating that the end of the world was coming at ( insert your favorite day and time here).    I know its been at least a few dozen.  

What is more amazing is that people actually buy into this story, and have anxiety and worry and fret, and strut their hour upon the stage signifying NOTHING !… Ahhh Shakespere   there was indeed some good truth in his writing there.

And just in case you thought you were different ( My mother the English teacher would shoot me for starting a sentence with a conjunction … sorry Mom )…  the apostle Paul wrote all his letters in the firm belief that Jesus would be returning in the very near future.  As in weeks or months of his death and resurrection.      That was over two thousand years ago. 

Jesus tells us pretty plainly, that you wont see it coming, and no one is going to have a marching band coming before hand so you have time to get those last minute things done.. It will just happen and that will be it.   Now that may sound terrible to you, but truly, it will not matter as for those who are faithful there is something much better in store for us.   I think of it sort of like being in school.  Your busy working on something and loose track of time, and all of a sudden the class bell rings and your free !    It is something we can all look forward to.

People are more than willing to “stir the pot” and cause anxiety in others.  They will continue after today to say that the sky is falling.  But don’t listen to them, being well rooted in the Word of God will tell you that they don’t know what they are talking about.  

Then at the very end of this reading comes the foreshadowing of his passion and death.  He tells the disciples that first her must suffer and be rejected by this generation.   

Ponder for a moment the possibility that He is still rejected by THIS generation.  Little by little there are those who would want anything Christian removed from public, they would like it if Christians were returned to the catacombs. So that they did not hear the word God, Jesus, or Christian.    He is still being rejected today.  

It is each Christians responsibility by virtue of their baptism to be priest, prophet and king, for themselves and for others.


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