Wisdom Through the Ages

This morning the first reading from the old testament is from the book of Wisdom ( Wis 6:1-11 ).  This reading hold a great wealth of warning and wisdom concerning those who are in authority over others.  Kings, Judges, and those who are in power over others.  It would serve them well to know that their authority was given to them from the Lord.

Now, consider this for a moment.  ANYONE who has authority or influence over another, was given that power from God.  This includes leaders, supervisors, managers, presidents, pastors,  parents, teachers, literally everyone who has been given any kind of responsibility for others through reading this passage should consider that this responsibility applies to them.

In the process of your day to day activities you should be excercising prudence in the choices you make.  Not just the fiscal , or managerial prudence, or what will make your life easier, or in the ” bottom line” but in how the decision you make effects those that you are responsible for.  Ultimately, you have responsibility to God in how your decisions stack up.

Even those who are not currently in a position of authority but aspire to be in one, should take careful note and learn to make decisions based not in money and greed but in love and concern for your fellow man.  To enaage in discernment and prayer prior to making decisions that will effect others.  To walk a mile in the shoes of our brothers and sisters and take on the weight of the decisions you make in love for others for they are sacred vessels and part of the Body of Christ deserving of our respect and love.


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