We are the Body…

This mornings second reading ( 1 Cor 3:9c-11, 16-17 ) is a bit more definition of ourselves and our relation to God.

We are taught that WE are the church.  That WE would be the people, you and I , and that guy sitting next to you in the pew.  It is not the brick and mortar, wood and nails that hold the building together.  It is not the Crystal Cathedral, or the Vatican building.  It is the people you and I who are the church.  God the Master builer, the architect of the universe that designs the universe and our lives.

We are reminded also that we are dwelling places of the most high God !   A dwelling of the Holy Spirit.  You are a holy person, a holy temple.  This is the part of the basis for the Ministries of Life.   If you have a belief that each person is a dwelling place of the Spirit, or contains the imprint of the most high.  Then you also should believe that each person is sacred.  Each life is sacred, the old, the infant, the challenged.  Each is a gift.   Each is a teacher and a student.

What does that say about us in the homeless, in the abused, in the elderly who are forgotten, or thrown away.  We do this to the sacred, to the gifts we are given.    They are also the body of Christ, they are also the church, they are also the dwelling of God.   Wars are the killing of those who we disagree with, who are also church, they are also the dwelling of the Most High.  Whether or not they share our faith, our beliefs, our values.  They are still sacred.

May God forgive us for what we do to our brothers and sisters.


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