The Parable of the Squandering Steward

In todays Gospel, ( Lk 16:1-8 ) Jesus tells the Pharisees the parable of the steward who was resported to his master for squandering his property.  The steward cooks up a plan to cut in  half what is actually owed in order to win favor with the merchants who owed his Master goods.  He forged new promisory notes and the merchants were all happy with that.  In the end the Master commends the steward for his prudence for making friends with the merchants in order to save his own skin.  Eventually knowing that those friendships would fail in the lack of trust in the steward.   Jesus goes on to admonish them that they make friends more easily from ill gotten gains and people who deal in them than they do with the children of  light.

Many times we look at people who make bad choices in their lives and say to ourselves,  ” Wow, its too bad that person chose to use their knowledge that way instead of for something worth while, or something good ” !

There was a friend I had in my freshman year of college, who was a talented musician, and rather boisterous outwardly, and a rather sensitive guy underneath.  He was extremely intelligent.  Unfortunately, he was killed when he was driving home for Christmas vacation.  He was sitting stopped at a stop light and was hit from behind by a tractor trailer.    Nuclear Physics.  What we later learned was that in his spare time,  he was spending his spare time working on what we would today call a designer drug who’s purpose it was to give a form of intoxication without a  hangover type of side effect.    If he had lived, I would probably wonder what might have happned in his life ?  Maybe he would have been the person responsible for finding a cure for some terrible disease or something that would make life better for someone.    Unfortunately we will not know the answer to that question.

We have a responsibility to God, and our brothers and sisters to use the gifts we have been given in a way that gives glory to God and is of benefit to our fellow man.   We will give an accounting before the throne of God, I pray that we all will be found pleasing to God on that day..

Ame n


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