Each Of Us Will Give an Account of Himself…

This mornings first reading comes from Romans ( Rom 14:7-12 ).

Good Morning Brothers and Sisters !   Its a cool and glorious day where I live.  The sun is shining, the sky is blue, and it seems like all is right with the world outside.    In this mornings reading, we come to grips with a few truths about our own existence.

First, we don’t get a say in when we are born and for the most part when we die.  We are not in control.  This is the domain of  God.  In the same vein,  Since we are not in control we are God’s.    While we belong to God, we have free will.   God sent Jesus to put an end to death, and so we die and rise again with Christ.  In truth, if we belong to Christ, then we actually die and rise twice.  The first time in baptism, and again in our phyical death and rising.

We are chastised in being asked why we look down on our brothers . Why do we  judge our brothers ?

Sometimes I think no where is this more prevelent than in the workplace.  People are constantly involved in stepping on their brothers and sisters to get ahead,  making judgements about others based on outward appearances, making decisions to behave in ways that are detrimental to their  coworkers.

In our daily lives, do we judge the people who are on the street , who are homeless ?  Do we turn away from the poor ?

Do we stand for the things we believe, or do we turn away in silence ?  These are in fact the things we will render accounts for when we stand before God.   Blessed are they who truly love their neighbor, and Lord help me to be one of them.


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