On Hating , Calculating, and Carrying …

In this mornings Gospel of Luke ( Lk 14:25-33 ) we listen to Christ telling us to hate our families and calculating the cost of building a tower, and picking up our cross.

Jesus tells his disciples that if they don’t hate their father, mother, sister, brother and even our own lives, then we can not be disciples of Him ?  But isn’t that something in direct conflict with the commandment to honor thy mother and father ?

On the surface this might seem to be so, but like most of the Gospel stories, you need to read the story behind the story. The Lord does not really want to you to HATE anyone.  We are supposed to love our neighbors as ourselves. The hate in this case is a detatchment from the things of this world.  We are to live for Christ not for the things of this world.  We are to practice a spirituall detatchment from the physical and tend toward the spiritual.

Calculate the costs before hand ?  We already know the costs and the balance sheet here.. Adam sinned against God and it was through one man that death entered the world.   God sent his son Jesus into the world through a human woman, to be truly human and truly divine.  Jesus paid the price for our sinfulness once and for all time.  At the same time he made us brothers and sisters to each other and to Him, so that we might share in the death to sin, and everlasting life with him in heaven.   That is the only balance sheet there is. Overwhelmingly, it falls on the side of God.   But wait.. there is one or two little extra things we still need to complete…   First is to pick up your cross.. and then to carry it daily with him.

To carry our crosses daily, to suffer our own humanity, and its failings. Work to overcome those human failings with the help of God, and to share that journey with our brothers and sisters who are the Body of Christ.

Men and women, were made in the image and likeness of God, each bears the imprint of the most high, each a dwelling of the divine.  If we believe this, then we will love and respect each other.  Even those who are different, or hold different beliefs than we hold.  God created them too.  We should love our neighbor as ourselves with an eye towards heaven and the heart of Christ.


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