Are You Thinking That God Hates You ?

This mornings Gospel is taken from Romans ( Rom 8:31b-39 )

Just in case you were having a bad day, or that things are not going your way and maybe in your frustration you look up and think to yourself that God must hate me to put me through all this stuff.

A quick read through this part of scripture should give you a clue.    God loves us so much that he sent his son to die in reparation for our sins.   He allowed his son to  take the fall for you and me.  He loves us so much that after man kind had repeatedly blew him off, he is still out there, waiting and watching for us, asking us to return to a relationship with Him.    Throughout our history, this has been the case, God has been faithful and loving beyond human understanding, wanting only good for us.

If God was willing to give us his son, then is there really anything He would not give to us ?  Is there really anything at all, as long as it was not something bad for us, that he wouldnt give us ?

Adding to this there is Christ Jesus, who was given to us, rejected by us, and being God still loves us all the more.  So much so that he pleads for us, and intercedes for us with God the Father.

Let me give you another thought to consider.  Do you remember when it was that you first felt the touch of the Holy Spirit ?  Do you remember the rush you felt, maybe an indescribable fire of the soul ?   Did you feel unbridled joy, did you feel like you would have difficulty explaining that to another person ?  What ever it was, THAT was a great feeling.  The feeling that God loves you.

For those of you who might be married, there are certain parallels in our relationship to God, and our relationship to God within the context of our lives.  We love God, we relate to God, and we may get busy during the day and He is not in the forefront of the mind, but He is always there..    Our human lives are not perfect.  We fail in our trials, and there are times when this human existance can really stink.  Still God is there, and he still loves us , he still gives us our brother to intercede for us.  He is still faithful..


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