What is Heaven Like ?

This mornings reading is again from the Gospel of  St Luke  ( Lk 13:18-21 ).

We have Jesus trying to teach us a bit about Heaven.  The Lord says  “What is heaven like ?”    I imagine that for a great many people, the responses of today would probably be something like.. There are streets of gold, and angels walking in the clouds, and soft harp music playing in the background,  the pearly gates, and Saint Peter standing dutifully by to admit the faithful.  Possibly a great banquet hall where the food goes forever and drinks flow like water and everyone has a mansion set aside for them.

But the Jesus does not say any of those things here,  He says that Heaven is like a mustard seed.  The mustard seed grows and eventually grows into a large bush where several birds eventually make their home.    This sounds like an awfully strange description of Heaven !

But consider this.  The mustard seed, is like the good we do on earth.   We work to feed the poor, clothe the naken, feed the hungry etc.   We may know about the good we are doing directly, but we usually dont know much about the seeds we plant in those who watch what we are doing !   In both cases we are being Christ to others.  We may be the tool of the Spirit that is used to bring another to the Body of Christ.   So much more still will they do in our stead.  In this way we are seeds, the good planted in one person, if nutured and cared for, will grow and produce fruits of the Spirit, where others, the birds of our lives will one day make their resting places, and gain souls for the kingdom of Heaven.


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