Are we still afflicted ?

Todays Gospel comes to us from the writings of Luke ( Lk 13:10-17 ).

In this reading Jesus is approached by a lady who has been afflicted by satan, and  has spent the last 18 years  being bent over unable to stand up straight.  The Lord cured her, and she stood up and rejoiced.

Injecting ourselves into this situation in our day to day lives, are we also afflicted, bowed down ?  Are we held down by our own sin ?  Are we hampered in our day to day relationship with Christ in how we live our lives and the choices we make ?   Interestingly, we may sin, but we what is more important is how we deal with that sin.   Are we like the lady who comes to Jesus for healing, or do we stay away.. do we live with our affliction, with our pains ?

Moving further through the reading we find that Jesus is being rebuked from some of the people present saying he shouldn’t have cured the lady on the sabbath.       Jesus tells them that if they release their animals from their bondage on the sabbath to relieve their labors, why wouldnt He relieve the ladies suffering from her affliction.

The  fourth commandment to keep the sabbath holy is not just to make sure you show up to church on the sabbath, but to do good on the sabbath.   Church is only for one hour or so.   What are you doing with the other 23 hours ?  Using that time to work on the corporal works of mercy, to relieve the suffering of  another.  Being and bringing Christ to another is the best use of that time I can think of.

Such is the nature of the Rule Of Love, Christ came to establish.


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